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Winter Exhibition 2016

Winter 2016

The Albion Gallery’s Winter Exhibition 2016 closes the year in style, with fantastic new work from Hester Berry, Judith Bridland, Paul Treasure and Adam Binder. Plus we welcome Andrew Macara to the gallery. The gallery officially opens its doors on the new exhibition from 10th December.

Judith Bridgland
Hester Berry
Paul Treasure

Autumn Exhibition 2016 - from 24th September

Autumn 2016

The Albion Gallery’s Autumn Exhibition 2016 welcomes five of our fabulous artists to the gallery, each with their own unique style and ability to capture the viewers imagination. This exhibition features work from:

- Caroline Bailey
- Judith Bridgland
- Barbara Franc
- Hazel Mountford
- Fred Yates

You can view the catalogue for the exhibition HERE.

Summer Exhibition 2016 - from 25th June

Summer Exhibition 2016

On 25th June we introduce our Summer Exhibition, with fabulous work from Mike Bernard, Nael Hanna and Mungo Powney. You can view the catalogue for the exhibition HERE.

Anuk Naumann - from 21st May

Anuk Naumann Exhibition

To celebrate artweeks coming to Chipping Norton the Albion Gallery will be hosting the fabulous work of local artist Anuk Naumann. Over the course of the exhibition, we will be showcasing pieces demonstrating a range of Anuk's wonderful work. Come along from 21 May to enjoy in person.

Best of British

Best of British Exhibition

We currently have a selection of work at the gallery from some truly exceptional British artists, including Ken Howard, Judith Bridgland and Mike Bernard. This is an exhibition not to be missed:

Ken Howard RA
Judith Bridgland
Mike Bernard

6 December until 9 January - WINTER EXHIBITION

Winter Exhibition

The 6th December sees the start of the Albion Gallery's winter exhibition. We'll aim to take your mind off the cold weather with some fabulous new work from sculptor Mark Hall as well as gallery favourites Mike Bernard and Judith Bridgland:

Mark Hall
Judith Bridgland
Mike Bernard

15 November to 5 December - HELEN TABOR SOLO EXHIBITION

Helen Tabor Solo Exhibition

On 15th November we introduced Helen Tabor's first solo exhibition at the Albion Gallery. Based in the Scottish Borders, Helen Tabor works in oil on board or canvas, drawing inspiration from the properties of colour in her surroundings, whether it be seascape, landscape or still life. In this show, we bring together over twenty fantastic pieces that really show off the range of Helen's work and her outstanding ability.

You can see more of Helen's work for the show on her artist page.

18th October to 14th November - AUTUMN EXHIBITION

Autumn Exhibition

18th October sees the start of our Autumn exhibition, showcasing a range of work from artists Peter Wileman and Judith Bridgland; and introducing our new sculpture artist, Knox Field and his fabulous collection of Bronze sculptures.

Peter Wileman
Judith Bridgland
Knox Field


Indian Summer Exhibition

On 20th September we do our best to keep the sunshine coming with our 'Indian Summer' Exhibition, opening with bright fresh works from Mike Bernard, Chris Elmer, Clare Trenchard and Caroline Bailey. More work will be added to the site over the coming weeks:

Mike Bernard
Chris Elmer
Clare Trenchard


Hazel Mountford Solo Exhibition

On 30th August we welcome Hazel Mountford to the Albion Gallery. Winner of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year (British Mammals) in 2009, Hazel has made a name for herself as an artist capable of capturing those fleeting moments when the paths of animals and birds cross with ours.

In this exhibition entitled 'We Own the Night' Hazel focuses on the changing dynamic between humanity and animals as the sun sets and the stars come out. This is a truly outstanding collection and one which we are sure you'll love.

You can see more of Hazel's work for the show on our artist pages or in the online e-catalogue.


Summer Exhibition

On 26th July the second half of our Summer Exhibition began. We have some fantastic work from Judith Bridgland, Angela Findlay and Melanie Wright

You can see more of our artists' work on their pages or by visiting the gallery:.

Judith Bridgland
Angela Findlay
Melanie Wright


Hester Berry Solo Exhibition

On 5th July we welcomed Hester Berry to the Albion Gallery. 'Natural Perspective' brought together a wonderful collection of Hester's work, showing off her ability as an artist and reinforcing her reputation as one of the brightest young artists around.

In this collection, we see Hester's strong brush-strokes, the ease with which she captures form and shape and her natural understanding of light and perspective. Hester combines this captivating style with a continuing drive to challenge herself and to challenge others' perceptions of the environment around them. It is this combination that makes every encounter with Hester's work an exciting and uplifting one.

You can see more of Hester's work for the show on our artist pages or in the online e-catalogue.

Waddesdon Manor
Melting Snow, South Downs
Combe Martin Beach



The Albion Gallery's Summer exhibition began on 14th June and will run for the next few weeks, until 4th July.

We have a great line-up of artists, including work from:

Angela Findlay
Barbara Franc
Owen Henderson


Paul Treasure Solo Exhibition
On the 24th May the Albion Gallery opened its doors on its first solo exhibition, with the fabulous work of artist Paul Treasure.

The gallery opened in 2014 with Paul Treasure as one of its launch artists and it is therefore fitting that his fantastic work becomes the first of a number of solo exhibitions that will run throughout 2015 and 2016.

Paul Treasure is an artist with a real passion for his work, which shows through in his energetic, expressive style that ranges from almost impressionistic work, to more abstract pieces. This variety and freshness is what keeps Paul's work so exciting and interesting and has made him a truly collectible artist.

The art on display in this solo exhibition captures the great variety of Paul's work, with a number of high quality pieces including river scenes, for which he is particularly celebrated, mingling with some of his more varied landscapes and broader repertoire.

Chalk Water
Blackthorne Water

You can see more of Paul's work: here


Albion Gallery's Birthday Exhibition
The Albion Gallery celebrates its first birthday at the start of May. After a successful first year, our 'We Are One' Exhibition runs throughout most of May to celebrate the anniversary and includes work from some of our original launch show artists as well as more gallery favourites.


Albion Gallery's Spring Exhibition
The Albion Gallery's Spring Exhibition opened on 22nd March with great new work from renowned artists Mike Bernard, Judith Bridgland and Helen tabor.

You can see more of the artists work by clcking on the links below:

Mike Bernard
Judith Bridgland
Helen tabor


Albion Gallery's New Year Exhibition
The Albion Gallery's New Year exhibition opens on 25th January, with a fantastic collection of artists. We have new work from Hester Berry and David Body as well as introducing great work from artists new to the Albion Gallery: Owen Henderson and Peter Wileman. You can see more of the artists work by clcking on the links below:

Hester Berry
David Body
Owen Henderson
Peter Wileman


Albion Gallery Christmas Exhibition
In the days running up to Christmas we will have a special Christmas exhibition, displaying work from many of our artists and with most pieces under £1000.

In addition, we will be celebrating the festive season with a late evening opening on Saturday 13th December, between 5pm-8pm. Come along to enjoy the art, as well as drinks and festive nibbles.

We hope to see you there.


Albion Winter Exhibition
The Albion Gallery's Winter Exhibition opens on 16 November and will run throughout the cold winter months of December and January. The artwork itself is consistently bright and fresh, meaning you'll be able to escape the cold for a while.

Mike Bernard
Judith Bridgland
Barbara Franc
Mungo Powney
Mary Sumner


The Albion Gallery's Autumn Exhibtion begins on 14th September. Ahead of the leaves changing colour and the full Autumnal feel settling in across the Cotswolds we wanted to welcome the new season with a fantastic selection of artists.

Our Autumn Exhibition welcomes a great line-up of artists to the gallery space, including a few new faces who we think you'll really appreciate. You can find out more about our new faces by clicking on the links below:

Judith Bridgland
Andrew Giddens
Helen Tabor
David Taylor

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The Albion Gallery has been open for 3 months now. It has been a wonderful start to the Gallery’s life and a big part of that has been the fantastic reception we have received from the local community.

Local artists have already been a feature of our first couple of exhibitions and we wanted to mark our opening few months by celebrating some of the artistic talent across the Cotswolds. For a 4 week period, we are giving over half of the Albion Gallery to an exhibition displaying some of the fantastic talent that exists in the local area.

The show runs from 17th August until 13th September. We hope to see you at the gallery soon.

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Summer Exhibition Caroline Bailey Hester Berry Lynda Minter Lynda Minter Lynda Minter


The Albion Gallery's first Summer show started at the end of June and runs until 13th September, occupying the largest part of the Summer months.

We have a fantastic line-up of bright and fresh artists to help draw out the Summer sun. Our full line-up is listed below. Click below to find out more about each artist or go to our Artists Page to see our complete range of artists:

Caroline Bailey
Hester Berry
Lynda Minter
Hazel Mountford
Mandy Selhurst


Our launch exhibition welcomed an incredibly strong line-up of artists to the gallery, demonstrating their work to the best effect in our gallery space.

We were delighted with the quality and variety of the artists in the launch exhibition.

Our full line-up is listed below. Click to find out more about each artist or go to our Artists Page :

Adam Binder
Angela Findlay
Angela Hunter
Anuk Naumann
Clare Trenchard
David Body
Mike Bernard
Paul Treasure

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